Epoxy Stone Adhesive KD-015

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Epoxy Stone Adhesive KD-015

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  Product characteristics,

  The product is a liquid solvent-free two-component adhesive. It consists of a modified polyamine curing agent and a epoxy based agent. The product has the following properties:

  1.colorless and transparent, strong adhesion, high repair strength;

  2. excellent permeability due to its extremely low viscosity, permeability of 0.05 mm micro-cracks; 3, oil resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance;

  4, with electrical insulation and Thermal Stability and good mechanical strength;

  5, Excellent Polishing and polishing.


  mainly used in stone processing industry, used to strengthen repair stone surface cracks, small holes, sand hole, ant road, convex and concave inequality, improve its surface quality. Also can be used for Glass Gauze reinforcing fragile stone plate. The product can also be used for bonding other materials such as rigid PVC, steel-iron, steel-steel, ceramics, polyurethane, paper and wood, etc. .

  Packing specification

  5kg/group, 1L/TIN


  1, the adhesive part is polished rough, and the oil, dust and other pollutants are removed from the surface of the stone to keep the surface clean and dry, and slightly rough adhesive surface;

  2. preheating the stone surface can accelerate the curing speed and improve the mechanical properties of the cured material.

  3. The proportion (weight ratio) a 4, B 1. After weighing, thoroughly mix well until the mixture is of the same color. If you need to add Koda Toner, up to 5% ;

  4, the mixture can work for 30-50 minutes (25 °C) , with fine teeth scraper or brush brush brush wool. For the large area crack and the strong absorption surface should be repeated operation; for the small crack, should be carried out to and fro scraping glue, so that the glue liquid penetrates many times;

  5, room temperature (25 °C) under about 48 hours, the surface can be polished operation; If the slate preheated to about 60 °C, and then glue, baking plate, after 2 hours, can enter the next process; 6, tools can be used Korda special diluent or cleaning agent cleaning;

  7, increase the temperature will speed up the curing reaction, lower the temperature will delay the curing reaction.

  8. Empty the container completely before handling the empty container.


  1, please wear protective gloves when construction;

  2, the construction surface must be cleaned, when used for bonding, the smooth surface should be polished, so as not to affect the bonding strength;

  3, the Glue is now with use, the amount of glue should not be too much, so as not to make the working time too short, and affect the operation. When weighing a component and B component, we should use different tools to get them separately, and can not use them interchangeably. Cover the pot after use;

  4, the mixed glue has become thick or initial set, please do not use;

  5, to ensure the correct mixing ratio and sufficient mixing evenly, can get good mechanical and chemical properties, otherwise,

  6, in 10 °C below, curing reaction is slow, should be used with caution or increase the curing temperature of the site.

  7, if the viscosity of the glue is too large, can add anhydrous ethanol or acetone dilution, or the board is preheated or the Glue is heated in a water bath at 40-80 °C to reduce the viscosity and improve the permeability of the glue.

  8. The filling layer will not be dissolved once it has hardened, unless it is destroyed by mechanical force or high temperature

  9, adhesive part of the overflow of plastic before curing with cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol or acetone for cleaning;

  10, after mixing the slate must be placed flat, until the Glue Curing non-stick hand, apply appropriate amount of lubricant such as talcum powder to the stone slab before stacking to prevent the upper and lower stones from sticking together.

  11. If used correctly, the cured product is harmless to the body.

  12. Different stones, treated stone surface will have different degrees of deepening; 13, construction sites should be well ventilated, no fireworks, strictly prevent children from contact, do not enter.

  Storage and transportation packaging,

  sealed storage in a cool and dry place, valid for one year, storage and transportation as non-dangerous goods;.

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