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  History of enterprise development

  Wuhan Keda Marble Protective Materials Co.,ltd was founded in 1997. After more than 10 years of hard work, employees from the beginning of dozens of people increase to more than 300 people now. The plant has grown from a few hundred square meters to nearly 20,000 square meters of industrial Gross leasable area, including spacious office buildings and complete living facilities, such as canteens, dormitories, Internet cafes and so on.

  Jiangsu DA LI SHI Marble Protective Materials Co. , Ltd , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhan Keda Marble Protective Materials Co. , Ltd, was founded in 2007, which marks the company's production capacity and production scale on a new stage! The company plans to expand the scale of high-tech products in 3-5 years to improve economic efficiency with big, strong, characteristics, build their own brand advantages, and strive to become a good brand in the industry!

  Company Chronicle:

  ★ In 2003, the company developed Marble Glue successfully to make up for the traditional Marble Glue Brittleness, poor adhesion, aging and other shortcomings. The product was popular in the market, and exports to Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions.

  ★ In 2004, the company developed silicon dioxide and epoxy dry adhesive. The adhesive strength of the reinforced silicon dioxide is much higher than the existing ones, and the product has low price and sells well both all over the world. We Obtained The national invention patent in 2007. The company has become one of the drafters of Marble Glue Industry Standard-jc/t989-2006"non-structural load-bearing stone adhesive" . It has the advantages of Epoxy dry-hanging adhesive curing speed, simple process, room temperature curing, stable mechanical properties, suitable for all kinds of climate.

  ★In 2005, the company developed a new type of epoxy-based anti-skid material and anti-skid belt. The project filled the gap of epoxy based antiskid materials in China and passed the expert appraisal of Chemical Industries Association in June 2006, experts at the meeting agreed that the project product curing system and its application in the field of anti-skid materials are innovative, technology in the domestic priority level.

  ★In 2006, the company established Jiangsu DA LI SHI Marble Protective Materials Co. , Ltd. in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 45 mu. Completed in 2007, it mainly covers Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and Northeast China provinces, and serves as an export base for the company.

  ★In 2008, the " DA LI SHI" trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in Wuhan.

  ★In 2009, the "DA LI SHI" trademark was awarded as a famous trademark of Hubei Province, and the "Development Course" trademark was recognized as a famous trademark of Wuhan.

  ★In 2010, the company was recognized as high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province, China's leading Stone Technology Gold Award enterprises.

  ★ In 2011 the company was named as China's Stone Industry Quality Service five-star enterprises.

  In 2012, the company was awarded the title of "Wuhan Intellectual Property Superior Enterprise" .

  In 2014, the company was awarded the honor of "China's top 500 building materials enterprises" .

  ★ In 2016 won the "National Stone Care Industry Technology Innovation Award. ".

  ★ In 2016, the company was awarded the "Advanced Unit of Standardization" honorary award.

  ★ In 2016, the company won the title of "Top 10 stone material nursing enterprises in China" . In 2016, the company's dry glue products won the "Aidi Cup stone industry technical innovation certificate-red green dry glue. ".

  ★ In 2017, the company won the "Aidi Cup Stone Industry Technical Innovation certificate-marble Rubber Toughening Technology R & D and application. ".

  ★ In 2017, the company's "Hercules" brand won the prestigious Chinese trademark .

  ★ In 2017, the company won the national "stone industry 'Fifteen' innovative brand" award.

  ★ In 2017, the company established an office in Beijing, the establishment of the Beijing office is to meet the needs of market development, but also will usher in a new starting point for the development of the company, at the same time marking a new step in our company's market strategy, in the future, the company will further improve the marketing and service network throughout the country, and steadily build the company into a domestic and foreign industry benchmark enterprises.

  ★In 2018, the company won the title of "invisible champion enterprise in the sub-field of pillar industry in Hubei Province" .

  In 2018, the company was named "China Stone Association Executive Vice President Unit"

  ★ In 2018, the company successfully passed the intellectual property management system consistent certification.

  ★In 2019, the company was ranked as "excellent and Progressive Unit of Wuhan Enterprise Informatization" .

  ★In 2019, the company passed "NQA quality management system" and "QAC quality management system" double quality system certification, and was awarded a certificate.

  ★ In 2020, the company was honored as a member of China Stone Association.

  Innovation is the soul of an enterprise's progress, the inexhaustible motive force of its prosperity and the source of its eternal vitality. The company pays attention to the innovation development, already had many own patent technology at present.

  Under the direction of Keda's board, Keda will become a global company with a diversified property rights structure!


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