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Marble Polishing Wax

This product is a special brightener suitable for marble, granite and other stone materials.

Liquid Wax

This product is a kind of liquid stone bright wax, it is made from natural rare raw materials, it can increase the smoothness and smoothness of the product surface.

F-1 Stone Waterproofing Solvent

This product is a solvent-based stone protective solvent. It has the characteristics of quick reaction and good permeability.

F-2 Water-Borne Waterproofing Solvent

This product is water-based emulsion water-proofing solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, not polluting the surrounding environment, can infiltrate stone wool stoma and stone achieve chemical combination,

F-3 Waterproofing solvent for building materials

This product is a water-based waterproofing solvent. Its effective components can act with CO2 in the air to form a breathable waterproof barrier.

F-5 Protective Solvent

This product is a solvent-based stone protective solvent, with excellent oil, water, weather resistance, anti-fouling properties, such as edible oil, oil, juice, coffee, wine and other very effective.

Automatic stone polishing solvent

This product is a solvent - based one - component stone brightener. Protect stone, increase brightness, weather resistance, not easy to yellow.

K6, K8 crystal hard crystal optical care solution

K6 and K8 crystal glazing care solution is a kind of high-performance, full-function crystal glazing care solution for marble floor, integrating stone surface with hard wear-resisting solvent, glazing solvent, anti-skid solvent and water-proofing solvent.

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