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1.Is marble adhesive toxic if used indoor?
Marble adhesive is high polymer after curing, just like man-made stone, and will not release harmful substances, nontoxic and harmless. Please use at ease.

2.How long the shelf life of the marble adhesive (the service life) is?
The shelf life of the marble adhesive is one year bellow 25℃.
After curing, the service life of marble adhesive is: Regardless the interference of outside world, the effective life is forever after curing. If it is moist, or acidic or alkaline in the construction site, the effective life will be shortened after curing.

3.What is the construction temperature of the marble adhesive? How about the high and low temperature resistance?
The suitable operation temperature is 5℃~55℃. If the temperature is too high, the marble adhesive’s state will be changed, becomes thin and even flows. The preservation period will also be shorted. If the temperature is too low, the marble adhesive’s reactivity will be reduced and the curing time will be prolonged much more. If taking no consideration about the state of marble adhesive will influence the use, the marble adhesive’s high temperature resistance is 145℃.
The cured marble adhesive will form a high polymer that can resist the low temperature of -50℃ and high temperature of 300℃.

4.How to clean the marble adhesive?
The uncured marble adhesive can be washed by alkaline solution (like hot soapy water, washing powder, etc.), acidic solution or solvent (acetone, alcohol, etc.). For the cured marble adhesive, it could be removed by the shovel knife (limited to shiny or loosened rough surface).

5.How about the acid and alkali resistance of the marble adhesive?
The marble adhesive contains ester linkage that is easy to be hydrolyzed when it meets the acid and alkali. The acid and alkali resistance is not very well while the cured high polymer has a certain resistance to weak acid and alkali. Therefore, the construction of the marble adhesive is conducted under the neutrality condition. Please do not place it in the environment with strong acid or alkali after curing.

6.If it is low temperature in the winter, how to deal with the hard mixing of marble adhesive?
If it is hard to mix the marble adhesive due to the low temperature, customers can mix it by adding the glue produced by our company and use it after reaching a certain viscosity.

7.Is AB dry coating adhesive toxic if used indoor?
It is safe to use the epoxy dry coating adhesive both indoor and outdoor because it is nontoxic after curing and no harmful substances like formaldehyde and tribenzene will release.

8.How long is the AB dry hang adhesive available (the service life)?
The service life is related to the quality of the epoxy dry coating adhesive, the construction method and the service environment. According to different conditions, the results are different. In normal condition, if use our dry coating adhesive, it can guarantee the service life of more than 50 years if the construction method is right.

9.What are the lowest temperature and the highest temperature for the construction if AB dry coating adhesive? What are the lowest and the highest temperature resistance?
The best temperature for constructing the epoxy dry coating adhesive is 10~40℃. It will be slow in curing if the temperature is low while it will be fast if the temperature is high. The lowest should be not lower than 5℃ while the highest should be not higher than 60℃. If the temperature is lower than 5℃, please choose the quick dry type dry coating adhesive. In normal condition, it is tolerant to - 30~90℃ after curing.

10.Is AB dry coating adhesive cleanable? How to clean it?
Before curing, the epoxy dry coating adhesive could be removed by a shovel knife and clean it with solvent (acetone, toluene, etc.). After curing, it is hard to clean. It is needed to use metal tools (knives, shovels, etc.) palette knives and polish it with abrasive paper and grinding wheels.

11.How about the acid and alkali resistance of AB dry coating adhesive?
It has good acid and alkali resistance for the epoxy dry coating while it is inadvisable to use for a long term under the conditions of concentrated acid, concentrated alkali and high temperature.

12.If it is low temperature in the winter, how to deal with the hard mixing of AB dry coating adhesive?
If the temperature is low in winter, it can soak the pall pack of A, B components of epoxy dry coating adhesive in the hot water or heat them in the drying oven with about 30~50℃ for dozens of minutes. It could be mixed evenly and used after the adhesive temperature is high.