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  • Name: Marble Adhesive
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The product is manufactured with high pureness,stable and high quality materials,and under meticulous and cautious management and control,which has high quality.It applies for binding all kinds materials and  mending of seams and dents of the surface of the stone products.


1 High and strong stick-up degree

2 Slippy micro-points,quick dry.

3 Long effective ,high blare

4 Easily constructing,stable storage



1 High transparency, good stability, and developed from high quality raw materials, under fine and rigorous management control, with excellent quality.
2 Suitable for bonding between the various types of stone or patch cracks and broken stone surface marks.
3 Good strength and storage stability characteristics.

4 Six colors(transparent,white,black,beige,green,red) for choice


It is suitable for bonding and low temperature construction, with a smooth and delicate reconcile transparent plastic cured a high degree of transparency, polished stone line bonding is not easy to fall off, do not sag, no oil leakage, etc..

The raw materials used in corrosion-resistant resin, a significant increase in anti-aging properties.


Keep in cool and well ventilated place, avoid sun exposure.


Packing  capacity of 1 liter, 4 liters, 19 liters.

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