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Epoxy Adhesive
It is suitable for a back bonding of stone, ceramic, artificial stone. It belongs to the epoxy system, light in color, with a non-sagging, non-yellowing, anti-aging performance, low cost, and cost advantages. And cured completely non-corrosive, health and safety can be assured.

1, stone paste hanging; the old wall cut-free to repost renovation; permanent bonding of wood furniture.
2, suitable for different materials bonded to each other in stone, wood, steel, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, precast concrete, clay brick, glass, steel, artificial stone.
3, reinforced concrete structure bonding. Bonded steel reinforcement, caulking, patching, sealing, etc.

The 2L/group, 10L/group, 20L/group

1 Keep in dry and ventilated place
2 closed over quickly after being used
3 Group A and B should not contact with each other
4 Validity time is 1 year

1 the stickup area of each stone is not less than104CM2,and the thickness of glue should not less than 3mm.
2 keep the surface dry and  Moisture Content is no more than15%.No oil,dust.
3 when the temperature of construction part is below 5 centigrade,the stickup part can be heated up,but the temperature is no higher than 65 cntigrade.

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