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  • Name: KLAODA Epoxy adhesive
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It is suitable for stone, ceramic, artificial stone back bonding; yellowish color, curing completely non-corrosive, safety and reliability, ease of use.

1,stone paste hanging; the old wall cut-free to repost renovation; permanent bonding of wood furniture.
2,suitable for different materials bonded to each other in stone, wood, steel, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, precast concrete, clay brick, glass, steel, artificial stone.
3,reinforced concrete structure bonding. Bonded steel reinforcement, caulking, patching and sealing.

(1) Light color, good thixotropic, easy to reconcile; hybrid, not flowing.
(2) excellent mechanical properties, high bond strength, good toughness.
(3) The product is a modified epoxy polymer after curing, excellent water and chemical resistance, good weathering properties.
(4) non-corrosive, harmful to humans, accidentally contaminated with soapy water to clean.
(5) Curing time is moderate, easy to operate.
(6) cool and ventilated place Shelf life is 1 year.

1L     20drums/carton      32cartons/pallet
5L     4drums/carton        16cartons/pallet
10L    64drums/pallet

(1) A, group B 1:1 fully mixed evenly.
(2) must ensure that every square meter slate paste area not less than 104 square centimeters less than 3 mm, the thickness of the plastic.
(3) Paste surface should be dry and not wet, dust, oil, solid and not loose.
(4) The paste is too smooth surface must be roughened the paste sticky surface influential and effect substances (dust, dirt, moisture, metal surfaces of paint, rust layer, etc.) must be cleared. The hanging plastic curing early, unable to bear weight load.
(5) construction temperature is below 5℃, viscose parts of the heating, but not higher than 65℃.
(6) the need for welding in the construction of the installation, the joints should be away from the adhesive paste at 3 cm.
(7) Non-adhesive surface of the gel, or affect the bonding effect.

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