K6, K8 crystal hard crystal optical care solution

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K6, K8 crystal hard crystal optical care solution

K6 and K8 crystal glazing care solution is a kind of high-performance, full-function crystal glazing care solution for marble floor, integrating stone surface with hard wear-resisting solvent, glazing solvent, anti-skid solvent and water-proofing solvent.
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  Product introduction: K6 and K8 crystal glazing care solution is a kind of high-performance, full-function crystal glazing care solution for marble floor, integrating stone surface with hard wear-resisting solvent, glazing solvent, anti-skid solvent and water-proofing solvent. With a long - lasting outstanding high hardness, high gloss. Excellent anti-slip, repair, waterproof, antifouling cleaning and other functions. The construction is simple and fast, with less labor and low cost. The whole nursing procedure can be completed in a very short time. Can also be used in sensitive occasions, not affected by rainy days, will not change the color of white stone, black stone will not white.

  Reason of stone damage:

  Natural weathering:

  As a result of the acid and alkali corrosion in the air, rain and sunlight tight outside the lighting seal, after a period of time will be damaged by natural atmosphere. Tarnish the surface. Severe cases even fade and fall off.

  Man-made damage:

  A. Touching and drawing hard objects and scratching flowers, due to the limited hardness of stone materials. Be easily damaged by hard objects. Such as the shop in dachang stone. Through the guests to bring large sand and silt into the lobby, because the hardness of sand grains than stone hardness, sand grains in the human body under the action of gravity, and repeatedly rub the ground, it is easy to scratch the surface.

  B. Liquid pollution. Because stone structure than sulfur loose, strong water absorption. And before the new installation of stone material, the bottom did not make waterproof treatment, the face did not make antifouling treatment, a few colored liquid is easy to pass bottom or face infiltrate stone body, make stone material appears permeable dye, make stone material loses luster or beautiful.

  C. The use of strong acid and alkali cleaning solvent as a daily stone cleaning solvent, because the stone acid resistance, low alkalinity, easy to corrosion, so that the stone surface lost luster. Common in the decoration of the completion of cleaning and daily cleaning work.

  For the above reasons of stone damage, it is recommended that you use K6, K8 marble surface durable polishing solvent.K6 and K8 marble hard crystal care solutions have been widely used since they were put into the market due to their exquisite and unique technological effects, which have been widely praised after being used in various star hotels, Banks, property management companies, large shopping malls and other areas. They are also widely used due to their advantages of simple operation, lasting protection, quick construction and no obstruction to business.

  K6 and K8 dolomite hard crystal care solution can make the granite surface that has lost luster or matte become smooth and bright again. However, the ground that has been seriously damaged should be refurbished first and then subjected to hard crystal treatment.


  1. K6 is pink emulsion and K8 is amber transparent liquid

  2, K6, K8 stone crystal surface care solution is the ideal choice for the hard and light treatment of stone. Using crystal care machinery (coordination with the cotton fiber mat, steel wire) and nursing liquid crystal in stone material surface dry mill produced when heat and under the action of acidifier, precipitation of calcium ion in the marble and to combine effective components from the detailer, generate new compound surface strengthening solvent (concrete), at the same time, the crystal care solvent, and highlights in the resin to form a thin layer is extremely hard, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and high brightness (with) the appreciation of the fine crystal layer. To restore the brightness of the stone board, increase the hardness, and produce a long lasting effect.

  Package: 5 L/plastic pot

  Method Of Application:

  1. First, install the needle base, put the red polishing pad on the bottom and add 0-2 steel wire cotton, shake well K6, and spray 1 ~ 3 grams per square meter of ground. Due to certain absorption amount of steel wool, the spraying amount should be increased to 3 ~ 5 g/m² at the beginning and then reduced to 1 ~ 1.5 g/m².

  2. After polishing the first line of K6, hit the polishing surface of K6 with K8 to increase the gloss. After finishing K8, press the polishing surface of K8 with K6 and then finish a program.(The polished surface of K8 is between the two layers of K6 and the hard surface)

  3. Move the polisher to the sprayed K6 and K8 polisher to make it evenly distributed, and slowly move the polisher from left to right up and down to polish the ground within 1 to 2 square meters until the ground is hot, dry, luminous and glittering and glossy. When the ground is not partially damaged to the degree of renovation, repeat K6 and K8 to achieve the ideal effect.

  4. If the brightness of the stone surface after polishing with steel wire cotton is still not ideal, use red or white grinding pad and spray an appropriate amount of K6 and K8 crystal liquid and then repeat the surface layer to achieve the ideal bright effect.

  5. Finally, push the flour foam away with dry dust.

  6. It is normal for the products to float and sink due to overheat and over freeze. Please Shake evenly before use.

  7, body weight not to 44 kg can be added on the brush machine a bag of sandbags, in order to increase the weight of the body, speed, K6, K8 crystal surface liquid and stone surface friction thermal and chemical reaction, so as to form a layer of high density, high hardness bright protective layer. For stone surface wear degree of marble, granite and other kinds of stone, polished with steel wool stone surface brightness is still not ideal. White or red grinding pad and spraying appropriate amount of K6, KS crystal surface liquid can be repeated polishing once to achieve the ideal effect of crystal bright.


  Put a white pad on the polisher and add steel wool 

  Spray 1 to 2 grams of K6 within 1 to 1.5 square meters and distribute evenly with a polishing machine

  Polish evenly according to "Z" shape until bright

  Then spray 1 to 2 grams of K8 on the polishing surface of K6 within 1 to 1.5 square meters and use the polishing machine to distribute evenly

  Polish evenly according to "Z" shape until bright

  Then spray 1-2 grams of K6 on the polishing surface of K8 within 1-1.5 square meters and distribute evenly with the polishing machine

  Polish evenly according to "Z" shape until bright

  Replace the polishing machine with a white pad

  Polish evenly with "Z" shape with white pad to crystal light

  Clean the dust


  Daily Maintenance:

  1. Dust control system should be set according to the pollution depth and different pollution. Comprehensively control the pollution source.

  2. The dust that cannot be controlled by 100% can be controlled by static electricity in time, so as to avoid diffusion.

  3, depending on the flow of people and dust intensity, generally in 1 and 5 weeks with white pad plus K6, K8, thin as a layer, you can maintain its brightness.

  Storage method: The storage should be keep far away from fire and sunlight, dampness and keep in seal.

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