Epoxy Stone Adhesive KD-185

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Epoxy Stone Adhesive KD-185

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  Product characteristics,

  This product is colorless or light yellow transparent low viscosity liquid-like two-component epoxy adhesive, mainly has the following characteristics:

  1, very low viscosity to make it have excellent permeability, permeability 0.1 mm micro-cracks;

  2, strong adhesion, excellent grinding and polishing performance;

  3, transparent adhesive layer, suitable for all kinds of board sewing;

  4, without any solvent, its curing process shrinkage rate is very small, so the internal stress of adhesive layer is also very small;

  5, minimal fatigue trend;

  6, Excellent Weather Resistance, water, oil resistance, aging resistance;

  7, can strengthen the stone internal structure, improve the strength of stone, enhance the surface properties of stone;

  8. The Coefficient of expansion is equal to that of stone, and the cold and Hot alternation resistance is excellent.


  The product is mainly used in the stone processing industry to strengthen porous and cracked natural stone, concrete filling and repair, especially suitable for stone cracks, cracks, sand holes and other defects repair, larger defects can be repaired, glass fiber can also be used to strengthen the fragile slate.

  Packing specification

  4kg/group, 1L/TIN


  1. The treated slate is thoroughly cleaned and dried.

  2. If the surface of the stone is preheated to 50 °c-70 °C, the permeability of the product is strengthened and the curing speed is accelerated

  3. For the surface with large area crack and strong absorptive ability, fill the joint once every few minutes, operate repeatedly 3-4 times, stand still, wait for it to be completely cured, then Polish; also, the stone material can be preheated at 50 °C ~ 60 °C, then glue and bake the board, can speed up the curing of adhesive, increase permeability, shorten the construction time;

  4, grinding and polishing operation contact pressure of up to 1-1.5 KPA (KPA) ;

  5, curing process can be controlled by temperature, heating can speed up curing, reduce the temperature can delay curing speed;

  6, the two groups of glue according to a: B = 3:1(weight) ratio thorough mix (color uniformity, no stripes) , slowly into the cracks; for poor permeability of stone, should be repeated glue.

  7. if the slab is too thick, the glue can be permeated under vacuum pressure to help the stone absorb the glue liquid.

  8. For the larger cracks, an appropriate amount of stone powder can be added into the glue liquid and then filled, it can strengthen the stone structure and reduce the curing shrinkage.

  9, for the broken stone, the broken surface of the two parts must be polished, then repaired with this product to strengthen the stone structure;

  10, at room temperature after about 24 hours of solid surface can be polished; natural stone pre-heated to 60 °C, 3 hours after the next operation;

  11, according to User needs for color adjustment; The maximum amount of Korda paste added is 5% of the amount of glue.


  1. When using this product, please wear liquid protective gloves;

  2, according to the different stone materials, the surface of the treated stone materials should have different degrees of deepening;

  3, the bonding surface must be cleaned before construction, the surface should be polished to avoid affecting the bonding strength.

  4, only to ensure the correct mixing ratio, in order to obtain the ideal mechanical and chemical properties, incorrect mixing ratio will lead to unsatisfactory hardening effect;

  5, the construction temperature can not be lower than 5 °C, winter heating can speed up the curing speed and increase the bonding strength;

  6, the amount of glue mixing should not be too much, to be completed in working time; the higher the temperature, the more glue mixing. The shorter the use time, the longer the use time;

  7, this product use a long time, must wait until the glue fully solidified before stacking, so as not to contaminate other stone;

  8, the Mixed Glue appears too thick or Gel phenomenon, please stop using;

  9, the stone plate can only be polished after fully curing;

  10, for the two components of rubber material, please use different tools and containers; Do not mix A, B components cover, do not enter the mouth;

  11, if the Glue viscosity is too high, you can add anhydrous ethanol or acetone dilution, or the use of pre-heated plates, the A and B glue are separately packed in a container and heated in water at 40-80 °C to reduce the viscosity and improve the permeability of the glue;

  12. The overflow of adhesive parts is cleaned before curing with a cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol or Acetone;

  13. Once hardened, the filling layer will not be dissolved and moved unless the adhesive layer is destroyed by mechanical force or high temperature (> 200 °c) ; Properly handled, the hardened filling layer is not harmful to the body. 15 when handling empty cans, the packaging must be completely emptied.

  Storage and transportation packaging,

  sealed storage in a cool and dry place, valid for one year, storage and transportation as non-dangerous goods;.

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