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Wuhan Keda Marble Protective Materials Co., Ltd., with unremitting attention on the trademark strategy, applied for the trademark “Dalishi” and obtained trademark registration certificate from State Trademark Bureau in 1999 and applied design patents for packing tin appearance and packing case of “Dalishi” marble adhesive in 2004.

“Dalishi” marble adhesive was specially awarded as “Famous Trademark of Hubei Province”, China Market Reliable Building Materials Certificate, China Quality Supply Qualified, Safety, Environmentally-friendly Building Material Certificate, and won universal recognition and affirmation from peers and the market.

“Dalishi” marble adhesive is our main product, covering over 45% market share in China, taking a lead position in the country, endowed with a high popularity in stone protective and constructive adhesive market and ranking first in output and sale amount in Wuhan even in Hubei market. Besides, the sales network of the company has been spreading to the whole country and its distributors scattering in every place.

The company implements multi-brand strategy, designs dozens of different brands in allusion to different demands of consuming groups in every sub-market. Besides “Dalishi”, there are also “Youbang”, “Keda”, “Jiamei”, “Shiguda”, “Guyida”, “Shibilao”, “Baishide”, “Shandian”, “Leishen”, “Xunlei” and “KLAODA”, which can meet different market demands. Currently, all brands are in the state of all flower bloom together.