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Wuhan Keda Marble Protective Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. Over years of efforts, Keda has expanded its employees to more than 300 from the primary dozens, the workshop to the approximately 5,000 square meters from several hundred and equipped with spacious office buildings and perfect living facilities, such as a canteen, a dormitory, an Internet bar, etc.

Persistence is the key to success! In 2007, Jiangsu Dalishi Marble Protective Materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary wholly owned by Wuhan Keda Marble Protective Materials Co. Ltd., was founded, marking a new stage of the company in production capacity and scale! Keda will strive to be the top brand among domestic peers in three to five years by focusing on expanding business scale of high-tech products and increasing the economic benefit as well as making Keda bigger and stronger and distinctive and creating its own brand dominance.


★In 2003, the company developed marble adhesive successfully, which overcame the shortages of traditional marble adhesive, such as big friability, poor adhesion and quick ageing, and were welcomed by the market and exported to Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the US, Australia, UK, etc.

★ In 2004, the company developed reinforced silicon dioxide transparent marble adhesive and epoxy dry coating adhesive.

The former product, comparing with currently existing like products, has a great improvement in bonding strength and a reduction in price, thus popular in domestic and overseas market. In 2007, the company won a national patent of invention. The company became one of draft unit of Marble Adhesive Industrial Standard—JC/T989-2006 Non-structure Load Bearing Stone Adhesive, Building Material Industrial Standard, PRC.

The later product is featured by quick curing, simple technique, normal temperature curing, and stable mechanical property and available to various climates.

★In 2005, the company developed new epoxy group anti-slip materials and anti-slip strip.

The project filled the blank of domestic epoxy group anti-slip materials and passed the expert identification organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association in June 2006. The attended experts all considered the curing system of the products and the application of anti-slip materials are innovative and takes a lead in technology in China.

★ In 2006, the company started to establish Jiangsu Dalishi Mable Protective Materials Co., Ltd. - a branch factory covering a land area of 45 mu in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and finished in early 2007, mainly covering Changzhou, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning and would become an export base of the company in the future.

★ In 2007, the company developed water-based polyurethane grouting resin and oil-based polyurethane grouting resin.

Polyurethane grouting resin is a new high polymer chemical grouting material with functions of quick high-efficiency seepage-proofing, leaking stoppage, reinforce, and consolidating. Besides, polyurethane chemical grouting material is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and endowed with broad application prospect. The success of “Keda” oiliness polyurethane grout resin laid a high position for Keda in polyurethane grouting material industry, and the company was selected as a drafting unit of Building Material Industrial Standard Polyurethane Grouting Material of PRC by National Industrial Standard Polyurethane Grouting Material Organization Committee and China Silicate Society.

★In 2008, “Dalishi” was identified as Wuhan Famous Trademark.

★In 2009, “Dalishi” was granted as “Hubei Famous Trademark” and “” as “Wuhan Famous Trademark”.

★In 2010, the company was identified as “Hubei High-tech Enterprise” and “Golden Enterprise with Leading Technology in China Stone Industry”.

★ In 2011, the company was identified as “China Five-star Enterprise of High-quality Service in China Stone Industry”.

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise making progress and inexhaustible power and vital source of it blossoming. The company, paying much attention to innovative development, now owns many patented technologies.

Now, Keda chemical industry is progressive, vigorous and prosperous, and under the arrangement of the director board, it will become a leading enterprise with diversified property right structures, globalized market, internationalized technology and world-known brand.